Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Manflesh honored by being one of the featured gay graphic artists in the Tom of Finland special addition of my Gay Eye

Manflesh has been honored by having his work included in the Tom of Finland foundation special of my Gay Eye along with other famous gay graphic artists

Van Jazmin, Teddy of Paris, Marc Debauch, Hector Silva, Beau, Nigel Kent, Norman Deigan, Minoru, Grae Wolf, Rinaldo Hopf, Michael Kirwan, Genoroh Tagame, Copper, the Hun, Domino, Etienne, Jakal, Patrick Lee, Link. Thor of Sweden, Tank, Goh Mishima, Rex, Bastile, Olaf, Sven Oliver.

The now full colour graphic male artist can take his proud place along side them

Last of the three Manflesh images featured in the my Gay Eye special addition on Tom of Finland for more on Tom of Finland go to the blog Tom's Blog http://www.worldoftomoffinland.com/tomsblog/?p=20906

second of the Manflesh images featured in the MY Gay Eye tom of Finland special addition

first of the three manflesh images featured in the Tom of Finland my Gay Eye special celebrating Tom of Finland and his foundation support of gay erotic artists for more on the Tom of Finland foundation go to https://www.tomoffinlandfoundation.org/foundation/N_Home.html

Manflesh artwork has appeared in the June issue of My Gay Eye a Tom of Finland Special addition celebrating the famous erotic gay artist Tom of Finland and his foundation's support for other gay erotic artists. This is the cover of the June issue. for more go to http://www.ericlanuit.fr/toms-world-in-my-schwules-auge-my-gay-eye/